The Team

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    Robin Hartley

    Autonomous Systems Scientist

    Position. Autonomous systems Scientist, ScionForest Scientist from the UK. Passionate about Forestry! Researching applications of UAVs to Forestry, uav systmes, proximal and remote sensing (lidar and photogrammetry) and fire research.How… Read more

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    Peter Massam

    Autonomous Systems TL/UAV Operations Manager

    Position. UAV Operations Manager at ScionHow I ended up working in forestry. I spent my childhood tramping through NZ’s finest locations, which instilled a love of the outdoors on me… Read more

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    Mike Wilson

    Inventory Manager

    Position. Inventory Manager at TimberlandsHow I ended up working in forestry. I was looking for a career that had a combination of outdoors and office based work.What I love about… Read more

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    Morgan Scragg


    Originally from Christchurch, I have a BForSc 1st Class Honours and I Enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability, and also a big… Read more

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    Kevin Ihaaka

    Managing Director

    Position. I am the Managing Director of the FPS group of companies. Forest Protection Services is the entity that handles our management and consulting work together with the lead role… Read more

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    Cherie Rangiahau

    Senior Forest & Landuse Advisor (Ngāherehere me te Whakahaere Whenua)

    My job. The Forest and Landuse Advice team covers the length of the country – supporting landowners from Northland to Southland through operational advice, implementation, and management of forestry and… Read more

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    David Herries

    Chief Technology Officier/Director

    Your role/position. Chief Technology Officier / Director- lnterpine Group Ltd.How did you end up working in forestry. B.For.Sc (Hons) with a focus on shaping today's forests with technology of tomorrow.What… Read more

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    Frazer French

    GIS and Technology Specialist

    Your role/position. GIS and Technology Specialist at Forest360.How did you end up working in forestry. Always wanted to be involved in Primary Industries and problem solve in the outdoors, so… Read more

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    Craig Morley

    Associate Professor

    Your role/position. Associate Professor.How did you end up working in forestry. I didn’t but I work in ecology and this covers forests and various other habitats.What you love about our… Read more

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    Vega Xu


    Your role/position. Lecturer at the New Zealand School of Forestry | Kura Ngahere.How did you end up working in forestry. I completed a BForSc at the School and then worked… Read more

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    Guy Bonner

    Forest Production Manager

    Your role/position. Forest Production Manager at City Forests. Managing (currently) three harvesting crews cutting 360k m3/yr and approximately 16 full time equivalent log trucks. Other areas under my management include… Read more

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    Paul Cox

    Managing Director and Pilot

    Your role/position. Managing Director and Pilot at Precision Air Space Limited.How did you end up working in forestry. My first experience of the New Zealand forestry industry was on the… Read more

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    Jack Burgess

    Silviculture Forester

    Your role/position. Silviculture Forester for Port Blakely Ltd based in their Timaru Office (South Island).How did you end up working in forestry. Completed B.For.Sc degree and never looked back. Always… Read more

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    Sebastian Klinger

    Forestry Consultant

    Your role/position. Forestry Consultant at PF Olsen involved in different remote sensing projects.How did you end up working in forestry. Apparently, I already decided to do that in kindergarten and… Read more