Robin Hartley


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  • Team: Scion
  • Role: Autonomous Systems Scientist


Position. Autonomous systems Scientist, Scion

Forest Scientist from the UK. Passionate about Forestry! Researching applications of UAVs to Forestry, uav systmes, proximal and remote sensing (lidar and photogrammetry) and fire research.

How I ended up working in forestry. I was playing in touring bands and wanted to find a more stable career and something that allowed me to be outdoors going different stuff every day. I studied an environmental degree and started working in marine biology in the Caribbean. There was no work in the UK, so when I returned home I applied for a job as a tree planter... and loved it! Progressed through silviculture, tree falling, logging, climbing arborist, forest inventory and then ended up working with UAVs. I moved over to Scion in 2018 and love being in a role that allows me to explore new ideas and then share them with industry.

What I love about our industry. I love being outdoors, but I also love the variety in forestry: the technology (chainsaws, forest machines, UAVs…), the job opportunities (consulting, pruning, thinning, planting, logging, spatial analysis, management, corporate, native forest management...) and the people. Forestry is like a big family and once you work here you meet lots of good people and make some great friends! It’s also great to work for an industry that has such a positive outlook on the future and benefits to the environment.

How I use UAVs in my work. Researching new applications (Lidar, multispec, hyperspec, photogrammetry, thermal, BVLOS, sub-canopy flight).

Why I’m involved in TFF. I noticed a real gap between the research that we are doing, and the people who are using the technology and wanted to do something about it.

What I would like to do through TFF. Get lots more people using UAVs and other cool tools for their work! Make some great connections, get people sharing ideas and help make people’s lives easier/jobs more fun.

What I think TFF should be focused on. Democratisation of tech, developing useful tools to help forest workers, connecting people, getting people sharing.

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