David Herries


  • Team: lnterpine Group Ltd
  • Role: Chief Technology Officier/Director


Your role/position. Chief Technology Officier / Director- lnterpine Group Ltd.

How did you end up working in forestry. B.For.Sc (Hons) with a focus on shaping today's forests with technology of tomorrow.

What you love about our industry. The industry provides renewable products with an overall positive environmental impact. It has a strong acceptance of new technology to keep improving its health, safety, well-being, environmental, remote locality and engineering challenges.

How do you use UAVs in your work/what interest do you have in UAVs. UAV's provide an additional eye in the sky for a forester who normally struggles to see the wood for the trees. Providing a simple and effective way to make better management decisions in a more timely manner.  Strong interest in both the safety of operating UAVs, with providing industry-effective training and also technology exploration to further their adoption and applicability across the

Why do you want to be involved in TFF. With a focus on shaping today's forests with technology, lnterpine and myself continue to play a large role in the commercialization and training of drone technology into the industry. Being part
of the TFF can grow this connection and greater facilitate solutions to aid the UAV pilots within the sector.

What would you like to do through TFF if you were elected onto the committee. Being involved in the TFF to enable further collaboration as we extend the capabilities of the data collected by UAV's to enhance the decision-making of our foresters.

What do you think that TFF should be focused on.  Promotion of safe operating, and appropriate training of staff to maximize benefit. Development of research, tools, and procedures to enhance the way data is collected and processed. An industry forum to continue to share knowledge/tips in the adoption of the technology. Communication with UAV manufacturers, CAA, UAVNZ on the needs of the industry.

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