Peter Massam


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  • Team: Scion
  • Role: Autonomous Systems TL/UAV Operations Manager


Position. UAV Operations Manager at Scion

How I ended up working in forestry. I spent my childhood tramping through NZ’s finest locations, which instilled a love of the outdoors on me (it also helped that my father worked for DOC). I spent 25yrs+ in the military as a geospatial professional, where I was introduced to UAVs. On leaving the military, I wasn’t a massive fan of commercial surveying and engineering so I leapt at the opportunity to fly UAVs and do GIS in a forestry environment when it arose!

What I love about our industry. Great people, great locations, great toys (Tools)!

How I use UAVs in my work. I use UAVs and especially the new sensor packages to find accurate and efficient data based solutions to improve industry practice

Why I’m involved in TFF. TFF is a way to listen to industry needs.

What I would like to do through TFF. Use TFF to share knowledge and gain exposure of current industry processes

What I think TFF should be focused on. Establishment of a forum and infrastructure to share knowledge and build a feedback link between industry and Science.

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