Sebastian Klinger


  • Team: PF Olsen
  • Role: Forestry Consultant


Your role/position. Forestry Consultant at PF Olsen involved in different remote sensing projects.

How did you end up working in forestry. Apparently, I already decided to do that in kindergarten and remembered just in time after finishing school to start Forest and Wood Science at University.

What you love about our industry. Future-oriented, working with nature, variety that forestry offers, a great combination of high tech and low tech; great people.

How do you use UAVs in your work/what interest do you have in UAVs. We use UAVs for all different kinds of jobs from harvesting or forestry inspection and planning, tree counting in the nursery, ETS registration, survival assessments, health assessment, photogrammetry…

Why do you want to be involved in TFF. Meet likeminded people, share knowledge, create ideas and processes for small forest owners/woodlot owners around all of NZ.

What would you like to do through TFF if you were elected onto the committee. Contribute towards developing tools; Extend collaboration between research and industry.

What do you think that TFF should be focused on. Testing and trialling new technologies; share ideas and connect people in the industry; regular meetings, maybe a regulars table or for field trips?

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