Mike Wilson


  • Email: Michael.Wilson@tll.co.nz
  • Team: Timberlands
  • Role: Inventory Manager


Position. Inventory Manager at Timberlands

How I ended up working in forestry. I was looking for a career that had a combination of outdoors and office based work.

What I love about our industry. Varity, scale and the people.

How I use UAVs in my work. Quarry surveys, environmental monitoring, post-harvest assessments & Wagner waste, post-planting assessments, post-incident investigation.

Why I’m involved in TFF. I think we need to start sharing more towards the common goals and not keep reinventing the same things.

What I would like to do through TFF. Contribute towards developing tools, guidelines and resources that can be used by all operational staff that have the desire to use them.

What I think TFF should be focused on. Agreement on how information can and will be shared and accessed. I’d like to see a central digital platform to house the Initiative, a forum to share and discuss ideas and issues, and some progression around machine learning.

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