Craig Morley


  • Role: Associate Professor


Your role/position. Associate Professor.

How did you end up working in forestry. I didn’t  but I work in ecology and this covers forests and various other habitats.

What you love about our industry. Its cutting-edge approach to new technology. It is forward-thinking.

How do you use UAVs in your work/what interest do you have in UAVs. Mapping, pest control and R&D development.

Why do you want to be involved in TFF. For all the reasons you outlined below but mostly to “keep my hand in” (discussing needs and requirements, upcoming ideas and how we could assist.

What would you like to do through TFF if you were elected onto the committee.  Provide networking and collaboration with an education spin. To understand what we must do to train new and upcoming autonomous specialists. We have developed a new applied master’s programme and we would like to see how we could assist people from forestry and elsewhere in learning about new  technology/ideas in this space.

What do you think that TFF should be focused on. Advancing ideas, promoting technology, and capitalising on gaps in the industry (and elsewhere).

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