Morgan Scragg


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  • Team: Pan Pac Forestry Products
  • Role: Forester


Originally from Christchurch, I have a BForSc 1st Class Honours and I Enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability, and also a big fan of Football and travelling (or at least I was before COVID!)

Position. Forester: I manage re-/establishment and silviculture at Pan Pac’s Tangoio and Esk Forests in Hawke’s Bay. I also enjoy doing project work with new technology and exploration of precision forestry.

How I ended up working in forestry. I wanted to study something that was catered towards a specific industry. I also wanted to have an outdoors-focused job.

What I love about our industry. Working towards a healthier environment, its sustainable and it fulfils my outdoors cravings. I also love the people – I haven’t met a bad person in forestry yet!

How I use UAVs in your work. Saving the walking! Production thinning QC, quarry stockpile volume calculations and small scale mapping.

Why I’m involved in TFF. Want to steer the technology towards the precision forestry goals that we have at Pan Pac.

What I would like to do through TFF. It would also be great to be able to share problems, save time and learn from other people’s mistakes.

What I think TFF should be focused on. Getting some of the awesome technology that we are hearing about operational – spot-spraying/releasing from UAVs and operationalised deep learning analysis for UAV data are some of the key things I’d like to see in the future.

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