Frazer French


  • Team: Forest360
  • Role: GIS and Technology Specialist


Your role/position. GIS  and Technology Specialist at Forest360.

How did you end up working in forestry. Always wanted to be involved in Primary Industries and problem solve in the outdoors, so signed up for a Forest Engineering Degree and here I am!

What you love about our industry. A genuine want to improve and provide better outcomes for the industry and the land that it relies on by the people invovled.

How do you use UAVs in your work/what interest do you have in UAVs. 
A range of tasks(slowly expanding), including mapping, seedling detection, post thinning QC, harvest markups and hard to reach site inspections, Terrain modelling etc.

Why do you want to be involved in TFF. Have a chance to push the industry towards good outcomes and meet a few like minded individuals.

What would you like to do through TFF if you were elected onto the committee. Assist in the development of more SOPs and tools for operational foresters.

What do you think that TFF should be focused on. Delivering simple solutions and guides for operational foresters to add to their forest capabilities; would also be great to look into some applications with an environmental bent!

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