Hey pilots, have you heard of this new tool?

RNZAF Flight Advisor Service (flightadvisornz.io) is a new tool developed by Aeropath for the NZDF. The primary function of this tool is two-fold:

  1. Register and communicate low level hazards in uncontrolled airspace;
  2. Notify other airspace users of your operation to enhance safety.

Activities such as NZDF low level operations, RPAS, temporary hazards through NOTAM, permanent hazards (i.e., high wires, verified by Aeropath’s National Hazard Database) and any other airspace user can input of their low-level activities/plans so they can be visible to all, in real-time - for free. It even integrates upcoming UAV operations from the Airshare App, which is used by most NZ UAV operators to report their UAV operations. Flight Advisor includes spatial layers for satellite imagery, road maps and visual navigation charts (VNCs), 1:50 topographical maps and distance measuring ability making this an exceptionally useful tool for planning UAV operations.

“The great thing with flight advisor is not just about the drones, but it's about any operations < 1000ft AGL. You see the latest info in one spot, no need to go to multiple locations to track it all down” - David Herries, GM/Director, Interpine Innovation

A noteworthy feature is the ability to get notifications relevant only to your area of interest. You can define your area of interest and get text messages/emails if there are any other planned operations from other users within your set area, so you won’t be bothered with any unnecessary information.

“Outside controlled airspace the low-level environment (<500ft AGL) has traditionally been the domain of the NZDF, agricultural and helicopter operators. Safety in this environment has always had its challenges and now with RPAS systems coming online those challenges are exacerbated. Flight Advisor was born out of an NZDF need to enhance situation awareness by creating a tactical picture that could provide one source of truth so air operations could be integrated safely.”

“Flight Advisor provides a connection between the manned and unmanned aviation community that other applications simply do not offer.” – Flight Lieutenant Andrew Day, Flight Advisor Innovator, RNZAF


Example of an email notification (left) and an SMS notification (right) from Flight Advisor.

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