TFF is now on Discord!

tffnews1-discordiconsTools for Foresters (TFF) has created a Discord server to have a virtual place where like-minded people can connect, interact, and share their common interests. It will go hand in hand with the TFF website, where you can find all sorts of helpful tools, for free, might I add!

Discord is a perfect platform to have collaborative discussions, whether it may be in a #thread of conversations about a UAV problem or through a #voice chat with other TFF members about a GIS software. We are also keen to see how people in industry are using UAVs, so please share your pictures of you out in the field doing what you love and loving what you do in the Media section!

“When we first started TFF, we always talked about the need for a forum where we could discuss issues with like-minded people from industry, work on problems together and share our progress. Our Discord server is that forum, and we are delighted to share this with anyone who wants to be involved. We would also like your feedback on how we can make the experience better for everyone, so feel free to leave us some comments on the Feedback section.” – Robin Hartley, Autonomous Systems Scientist (Scion) and TFF Committee Member

There are lots more we’ll leave for you to discover in the server. It will also be a growing platform so more interesting things will be added up along the way.

Sign up for free here to be a TFF member and receive your Discord TFF Server Invite link!